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Southern Exposure Restaurant and Night Club

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Quotes As someone who deals with food but also an accountant your menu is loaded with a too much stuff. Your food inventory is going to be sky high. Changing the name and identity to southern exposure should be strictly southern type of food. If I could make a recommendation I would get rid of Calamari, mozarella sticks and nachos. your texas fries have the same stuff as nachos. Say adios to the pasta's and parmagiana sandwiches. Soups gumbo and chili is all you need. Get rid of the chicken and veal options. way to many. This way your kitchen crew is not making 1,000 different recipes. You are southern, feature it. Most great southern food joints will have 7-12 things on the menu and just focus on that. streamline you kitchen and lower your food costs. if I am coming to southern exposure it is not for the linguini with clam sauce. I want a debris sandwich with some gumbo, a cold beer and some kick ass music. Again this is just friendly advice, I know you are going to succeed. good luck. Quotes
The Devil

Quotes I agree with "The Devil". Don't try to be everything to everyone. I had Armadillo eggs, and Po'boy shrimp something sandwich. My client had mozzarella sticks and a Hamburger. I loved my food!! Was it good? I thought so but I have nothing to compare it with! When I asked my client how his food was he said "I've had better", and he probably did because he's had Fried Mozzarella sticks and Hamburgers at 1000 places. Stick to a few Southern specialties, and be proud. I will be back! Quotes
Loan Officer, Contour Mortgage Bank

Quotes Been there several times with the family, and we have all enjoyed the food, the service, the music & the hospitality. This place is a winner! Quotes
Arty S.
Cummins Service Manager